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Be one step ahead of the competition by having fast access to relevant audience insights

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Understand your clients, website visitors and prospects to increase your marketing performance

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In-depth Audience discovery

Discover real-time accurate insights about your audiences by analyzing several thousand socio-demographic, behavioural and psychographic criteria


Audience definition

Explore motivations and behaviors of strategic audiences as well as people who showed an interest for your brand, website visitors, current customers, leads, and particular segments of a population.


Analysis lens

Get to know what makes your target audience different to a benchmark audience and gain accurate audience knowledge for data-driven decisions


Uncover meaningful insights

Deep dive into your audience by learning their passions, way of life, consumption habits, hobbies, media affinities, technological attitudes and general interests.


The all in one Social Audience Profiling platform

Our tool is connected to the biggest social network data repository and turns it in a simple yet but powerful platform delivering actionable insights.

Personas generated automatically

Creation of 3 of the most representative target audience personas and highlighting the most significant differences between each segment in regards to psychographic and demographic criteria.

Top performing Facebook Ad sets creation

In one-click advertize on Facebook to people ready to convert from your audience. Multiple cross-analysis of your audiences combined with advanced machine learning algorithms unlock the best performing Facebook ad sets.

Easy to use Saas platform

Social Audience profiling platform is an advanced analytics tool that enables in a few clicks the capturing of insights that matter for your business through an intuitive and highly addictive platform


Data-driven strategy

Transform the trajectory of your business strategy through the harnessing of hidden insights that reveal a unique understanding of any audience that matter for your brand

Master the consumer journey

Detect the most important socio-demographic differences between website visitors and customers by improving the acquisition strategy as well as identifying your segments of high value clients by comparing them to low value clients and upsell more effectively.

Competitive analysis

Find out what makes your audience unique in regards to competitors and how to build an intelligent conquest strategy. Understand what kind of media, brands, sports are overrepresented in your brands vs your competitors’ audiences.

Business values

A new generation of market research

Be connected to an unprecedented source of data updated in real time from socially active users in a faster, deeper and smarter way. Make the right tactical and strategic marketing decisions

Improve advertising effectiveness

Drive an effective media planning strategy by allocating media budgets according to your audience channels affinities. Optimize your ROI by reaching the business critical-segments through a targeting validation method.

Empower the content strategy

Create the story that resonates the most for each persona of your audience thanks to an intimate understanding of their lifestyle, passions and interests.

Marketing Intelligence

The Social Audience profiling platform enables marketers to identify opportunities based on concrete facts from a new layer of intelligence to execute accurate targeting, data-driven content strategy, best sponsoring and partnership choices to deliver outstanding results.


Trusted by the smartest marketers around

Every marketeer knows that Facebook owns incredible marketing intelligence about its users. Wouldn’t it be great that you, not only can access this data, but can also play around with it to fine-tune your media spending?

Today Soprism offers us exactly this possibility. Since several years Daimler uses this tool, which offers a very powerful and user-friendly environment to access the data of a specific target group and compare it to a benchmark group, to fine-tune the boosting and/or dark posting of launch and tactical campaigns.

Kris CoumansManager Digital Communication & RMC Europe - Daimler

Thanks to SoPRISM, we are able to gather a significant amount of insights that allows us to gain a clearer understanding regarding some of our target groups and to optimize our communication as well as our below-the-line actions.

Nicolas QuinetCustomer & Market Intelligence Domain Expert - Orange

For agencies, this tool opens doors to a range of smart data by offering them new perspectives when it comes to understand their clients’ target groups. Whether you’re trying to reach the core of your target through Facebook or to set up relevant activations for each persona, SoPRISM is an endless source of knowledge.

Florian LinclauAnalytics and Insight Expert - Wavemaker

We use the audience mapping and the automatic persona generation in order to identify the most strategic audiences for our clients with the tap of a finger. Thanks to this social audience profiling solution we know exactly which channel we have to use to optimize our media planning.

Vanessa SanctorumHead of Consumer Science & Analytics - Havas Media Group

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