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Discover unique insights about your consumers’ behavior through the power of social profiling.

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Social Audience Profiling for agencies & brands

Thanks to the ongoing growth of social users activities, we are now able to make sense of emerging patterns and trends to inform strategic decisions.

Based on user interactions on Facebook, our goal is to create actionable insights about the drivers of brands, industries, and markets.

We make it easier than ever to get unique insights about your consumers’ behavior.

A new era of social market research has just begun.

Improve customer intelligence and make smarter decisions

With email addresses or phone numbers, translate the social activities of your clients into accurate & relevant insights. Based on the characteristics of your audience, you can easily discover the brand persona description of your target market compared to a benchmarked audience.

Improve client campaigns with a more accurate targeting

Increase knowledge of the consumers’ affinity level with specific media to get the most efficient media-mix approach.

Define the right content marketing approach

Discover your consumers' communication trigger through the understanding of their general interests.

Improve retention through customer intelligence

Get a detailed profiling of your consumers based on sociodemographic factors & accurate interests analysis.

Gain relevant insights about your consumers’ behavior

Explore the consumers technological environnement & their attitude towards digital technologies, devices, or connectivity.

Gain a deeper understanding of your audiences through intelligent data treatment

The combination between social consumer behavior & intelligent data algorithms allows us to create new, relevant & accurate insights about your audiences.

High relevant criteria

With more than 1000 socio-demographic & interest criteria, we aim to deliver a complete understanding of your audience.

Smart audience simulator

To discover your audiences with a high level of accuracy, we compare it with a generated benchmark audience removing selection biaises.

Relevancy factor

An approved methodology of data treatment built by scientifics ensures a high level of data's relevancy.

A simple and yet powerful interface

We crafted an intuitive, user-friendly & highly interactive platform, built specifically to deliver the full power of social data.

An interface shaped to foster a strong addiction

The platform is based on the user experience optimization. Smart technologies & a large amount of data have been integrated in a clear & intuitive interface to deliver accessible, understandable and usable insights for decision-making in a simple and easy way.

Interactive browsing through the large set of criteria

The discovery of the relation between your audience and all socio-demo factors or specific interest criteria is not only easy, it is also fun.

Brand persona generator

The combination of socio-demo criteria & the most significative interests offers clear & synthetic insights about the brand persona.

The company

a team of passionates

SoPRISM is an innovative tech startup, active in social profiling solutions building. We help agencies & brands to benefit from the full power of behavioral social data in order to improve their marketing strategies. We’re a team of passionates, driven by a strong desire to provide the best social profiling solution ever. Our collective motivation is to constantly surpass the social data boundaries.

Improve your marketing initiatives

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