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Give your agency all the keys to building a strong competitive advantage, thanks to audience intelligence. SOPRISM is based on the largest behavioral consumer panel available, and it has built a powerful online tool to provide strategic audience insights.


Win new businesses

Win more competition

Agencies know that the key to winning new business and creating successful pitches is to understand the consumer. But relying on experience or gut feeling isn’t enough. Prove to your clients that you understand your audience by presenting credible data harvested from the world’s largest online community.

Amaze your clients

Build data-driven campaigns

Defining the right targets, content, media and activation plan is vital for effective advertising. Our technology has been built for these challenges and turns social data into credible segments and actionable personas to enable data-driven campaigns.

The new era of audience understanding​

Traditional market research showed its limits amidst fast-moving digital change. It’s time to unlock digital consumer intelligence and use it to inform marketing strategies.


Strategic audience discovery


Data-driven persona generation


Competitive audience analysis

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It’s fast, easy and all in minutes

Discover the next generation of detailed audience insights and connect in meaningful way with your current and next clients.

Added value for agencies

New audience intelligence capability

Reduce research time and cost

Drive addoc revenue by reporting offering

Most effective targeting definition home

Media planning & buying

Content & creative axis identification


In just a few minutes you can achieve a complete understanding of your target groups, current customers, competitors, supporters, and any of your target groups based on the most detailed global consumer insights, shaped every second by billions of digital users.

Audience Insights are generated in real time and smartly processed to deliver not only sociodemographics but also a deep understanding of interests, values, preferences, hobbies, mindsets and segments that compose your target audiences.

A single platform created together with our clients to foster a great user experience, with advanced data visualization to highlight quickly what matters most. A flexible but easy-to-use platform that ensures a smooth, logical and pleasant experience.

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