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Agencies know that the key to winning new business and creating successful pitches is to understand the consumer. But relying on experience or gut feeling isn’t enough.

Prove to your clients that you understand their audience by presenting credible data harvested from the world’s largest online community.

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Build data-driven campaigns

Defining the right targets, content, media and activation plan is vital for effective advertising.

Our technology has been built for these challenges and turns social data into credible segments and actionable personas to enable data-driven campaigns.


Our solution provides agencies with


Strategic audience discovery


Data-driven persona generation


Competitive audience analysis

Business value

Added value for agencies

  • New audience intelligence capability
  • Reduce research time and cost
  • Drive addoc revenue by reporting offering
  • Most effective targeting definition home
  • Media planning & buying
  • Content & creative axis identification

Trusted by the smartest marketers around

For agencies, this tool opens doors to a range of smart data by offering them new perspectives when it comes to understand their clients’ target groups. Whether you’re trying to reach the core of your target through Facebook or to set up relevant activations for each persona, SoPRISM is an endless source of knowledge.

Florian LinclauAnalytics and Insight Expert - Wavemaker

We use the audience mapping and the automatic persona generation in order to identify the most strategic audiences for our clients with the tap of a finger. Thanks to this social audience profiling solution we know exactly which channel we have to use to optimize our media planning.

Vanessa SanctorumHead of Consumer Science & Analytics - Havas Media Group

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